SHARP HR Analytics Packages

Renew HR and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC): Working together to help SMB customers with businesses insights

Extending the reach of HR Analytics

SAP App Center

After seeing a considerable amount of interest in our SAP Qualified Partner Packages, we have taken the next step forward to make similar solutions available on SAP App Center for those SMB customers who would like to have a quick and enhanced digital experience of buying both software licenses and services.

SHARP HR Analytics Packages

Our one-stop, fixed cost, fixed scope, fixed timeline execution approach is straightforward enough to allow you to choose exactly what you need to implement.

The following are the SHARP HR Analytics Packages which are available now on SAP App Center for your ready purchase:

Transforming your Existing Reports can help ensure a data visualization for your existing SuccessFactors reports. Get more bang for your bucks invested in your current reporting solution.

Data Archival, Compliance and Historical Data Analysis can help you run historical data analysis and compliance on your legacy data based on the state, federal and international requirements as applicable to your business. No more going through physical employee records.

Core HR and Compliance can help you sustain a competitive advantage by developing an all-in workforce with strategy and insights drawn out of your core HR data. You can do Turnover analysis, plan salary increases, do advanced realignment for Diversity & inclusion etc.

Talent Analytics can help you sustain a competitive advantage by developing an all-in Talent Management with strategy and insights drawn out of your Talent data. You can do hire right, talent forecasting, leadership pipeline etc.

Digital buying experience

SHARP HR Analytics Packages

We at Renew HR would like to make your digital buying experience to be a simple, seamless online shopping experience like that of any other e-tailer, except that we would enable the purchase of some of the world’s most sophisticated business offerings from SAP: software license, content, analytics, and education-related.

To keep that thought in mind we decided to list our implementation services at SAP App Center. Additionally, you can buy software licenses from SAP Store. This is our way to make it easy for SMB customer to take advantage of solutions typically available only to larger businesses.

You can browse, search by category, filter by industry or line of business, then purchase the solution with a credit card, download and start your implementation process instantaneously.

A Simple and Integrated Process – for All Types of HR Buyers

Anyone in the HR business community can use a credit card or PayPal to purchase solutions at and SAP App Center, visiting as a guest or entering contact info to register, which of course streamlines future purchases. If you’re already registered on another SAP community or extranet, you can likely use single sign-on for SAP Store.

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