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How SAP SuccessFactors customers can take advantage of big data HR Analytics

Big data HR Analytics

Big data HR Analytics plays a crucial role in the decision making.

Today’s HR transformation doesn’t just happen with automation of HR processes and services. It happens when an organization goes beyond automation and starts focusing on business challenges, business drivers and measures that impact the business results.

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Through digital transformation, HR can address the business challenges and help drive the organizational growth. Better business insights help drive better decisions and enable HR to act decisively.

To achieve digital transformation HR needs to do new things in new ways. This is where the fact-based insights, derived out of HR data, enterprise data, Big Data, IoT, and beyond helps.

We must mention here the fact that HR historically has very rarely used insights and facts as the basis for their decision-making process, this is even more prevalent in the Small and Medium Business (SMB) than Large Enterprise Business (LE). Read more……

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