Organizational Change Management

Change Management challenges in SuccessFactors Projects


Research studies indicate that 70 percent of IT implementations fail, and cloud migration assessments suggest that overcoming an organization’s cultural barriers is a frequent challenge. However, there’s a difference between knowing you have to change and knowing how to induce the change.

One must also realize that SuccessFactors is not a turnkey solution. Instead, just like any other software on-premise or in the cloud, it demands process and talent framework, data migration, integration, testing, training, and support service.

However, the nature of many of those services is somewhat different in the cloud than it had been in the on-premise software.

Change Management – Our Approach

With our HR Advisory services, our in-depth HR domain and technology execution knowledge, we’re conscious of how teams and individuals operate to help organizations adapt quickly to SuccessFactors.

Our change management strategy enables HR to procure stakeholders’ buy-in, and clarify everybody’s roles and responsibilities during the change process –from the SuccessFactors implementation to its adoption and outside.

A well-designed change management and communication strategy help HR leaders to keep employees informed from the start, show them how their roles and responsibilities will change and help them develop the skills they need to use the new system.

Our Recommendation

The approach you take depends on various factors and something that has worked for one firm in a different situation may or may not work for you.

The method we recommend is something that is connected with SAP’s Activate methodology for SuccessFactors implementation; this helps in using an integrated program for Change Management in addition to SuccessFactors Implementation.

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