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Packaged Solutions make happy customers successful

Packaged Solutions Make Happy Customers; Happy Customers Make Successful Partners

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Global Director driving cloud channel growth.

When Sabya Mitra founded SAP partner Renew HR in 2016, he knew he wanted to focus the business on SMB clients and on cloud solutions since the two seemed a perfect match.

“I always thought the large enterprises have the money to get the best solutions they want, but because they didn’t have the resources to get the world-class solution, SMBs always needed to sacrifice. Cloud helped them reach there; it has leveled the playing field,” Mitra said.

The problem was that while SMBs could do cloud, but they didn’t necessarily flock to SAP at the time, which was seen by many smaller companies as too expensive and too big. Renew HR executives studied competitive HR solutions, not only the technologies but also how those companies went to market. They surmised that to compete with SAP SuccessFactors’s competitors, they would need something that was cost effective, quick to implement, and solved problems that SMBs were facing. Packaged solutions fit the bill. Read more

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