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SAP SuccessFactors for Small & Midsize Business (SMB) market – Part 2

HR on cloud (SAP SuccessFactors) Is Known Primarily As A Provider Of HR Suite Of Products For Large Enterprises (LEs), But It Is Slowly But Surely, Is Gaining A Lot Of Momentum In The SMB Enterprises.

Increase user adaptability with great User Experience

HR on cloud (SuccessFactors) for SMB market – Part 1

One of the main objectives of HR Transformation is to improve the effectiveness of the process. And the processes only can be effective if a number of people use the process. We have seen in the past that great processes remain largely underutilized as wider user adaptation hasn’t happened.

For the SMB organizations, it is essential that they have a great user acceptance and the process/product that they are using is highly adaptable without much user training and change management effort. These organizations simply don’t have those additional dollars to spend here. Read more

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