Implementation Pre-Planning (IPP)

HR Transformation Lifecycle

SuccessFactors has been a refreshing change for all those millions of customers who were always searching for a nimble, flexible, user-friendly and innovative solution. Unlike ERPs which cater to a particular segment of customers, SuccessFactors addresses all business across all sectors, all geographies and of all sizes. Implementation Pre-Planning (IPP) are series of actions which ensures project success.


We always consider every SuccessFactors Implementation as an Organizational Transformation initiative by which an organization evolves its Services and processes for the business as a whole.

However, real transformation is only possible if there are transformation and alignment of all potential areas of the HR organization. We have created the following diagram to show which aspects are essential elements for real change:

Why is Implementation Pre-Planning (IPP) Required?

Renew HR’s “Implementation Pre-Planning (IPP)” borrows heavily from organizations “HR Health Check” results to understand the current organizational position and takes valuable input from the organizations forward thinking futuristic approach identified through “Design Thinking.”

If your organization has not done an “HR Health Check” before the decision to implement SuccessFactors, we strongly recommend that you do it right now if that is possible.


“Implementation Pre-Planning” or “IPP” helps in solving Plenty of implementation related problems beforehand which has the potential to become possible bottlenecks during the implementation.

In the days of ERPs, the project duration was much longer. Hence project teams had much time during the execution itself to perform stakeholder alignment, process standardization, organizational goal alignments, data plan, interface design, service delivery strategy, analytics strategy, etc..

However, the faster pace at which SuccessFactors solutions are implemented nowadays does not give the customer the option to do these tasks during the implementation.

In a nut-shell, IPP helps you to take certain decisions considerably before the SuccessFactors Implementation process begins, which will enable you to bring real transformation to the SuccessFactors deployment.

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