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Background of Talent Mangement

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Though the definition of Talent Management may vary from vendor to vendor or from one analyst firm to another, mostly Talent Management functions constitute of recruiting, learning, performance management, career and succession planning, and compensation management.

Though various individual components of talent management have been there in the marketplace for an extended period, the market for talent management has developed in the past ten years as one cohesive incorporated and well-connected function.

The learning management solutions are very mature, but it is only in last few years that we have begun to enjoy the advantages of its close connecting with the other Talent Management components.

Learning Management as a part of Talent Management family

Learning management solutions are mostly expected to develop, monitor, and deliver learning experiences and content to employees with the objective of improving employees skills and productivity.

Learning content ranges from traditional classroom Instruction to online learning objects to mentoring.

Learning management is increasingly integrated with employee performance management to prescribe development activities and to get rid of skills gaps or gaps in performance.

As resources have become scarce in each industry in a fast-evolving economic, business and technology situation, it is business imperative to tie talent strategies to business goals and outcomes. This has helped evolve the integrated talent management solution.

5 best practices in selecting your next Learning solution

It is essential for an organization to select the right solution for their Learning Management.

Here are a few objectives that can help organizations who are looking to change their existing Learning solution:

  • Do an HR Health Check to assess your organization’s talent culture and maturity.
  • Consider incumbent solutions already in place.
  • How well learning systems support collaboration and new models for social learning.
  • It should be Big data enabled, should have excellent UX and should be mobile ready.
  • Think how learning can be part of the big talent picture.
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