SHARP Integration Package,

SAP Qualified Partner Package

HR Integration Landscape


Cloud products like SuccessFactors have brought in plenty of innovation and simplicity in the HR process and user experience field, but it has also brought along with it many challenges within the integration space.

Integration space in HR is divided into three key segments. One, integration within HR landscape (e.g., between core HR and talent), second, intracompany integration (e.g., between finance, sales, supply chain, etc.) and third, involving 3rd party providers (e.g., benefits, Payroll, background check, etc.).

Multiple options

You have various choices for integrating SuccessFactors to other 3rd Party systems. Either you can go with standard reports, SuccessFactors provided Integration Center (IC) or a middleware solution.

Integration Center is targeted at analysts and other non-technical users, primarily where use cases do not require orchestration/complex flows. Integration Center will lower the cost of ownership/development of integration projects.

However, more complicated use cases will have to be implemented on Middleware, e.g., SAP Cloud Platform Integration (f.k.a HCI), or other 3rd party ones like Boomi (most of the existing EC clients use this), MuleSoft, IBM Cast Iron, etc.

Our Integration Approach

You also have the choice of capitalizing on your current investment and use the middleware that you are using for all other non-HR integration in the rest of the company. There are advantages and disadvantages of these approaches.

If you go for SAP recommended solution, then your initial learning curve could be stiff, but you will have the ability to benefit from the latest and best pre-build integration coming from SAP in this area.

On the other hand, if you use a non-recommended integration tool then though you up front save some cost but on a long-term will not be able to take advantage of the invention coming from SuccessFactors.

SHARP Integration Package

We at Renew HR understand that the integration approach that you select will base on your overall business requirements and something which will reduce your TCO on a long term. You would also like to future proof your integration solution.

Keeping the above in mind, we have come up with SHARP Integration Package, an SAP Qualified Partner Package, which allows you to select the option best suited for your organization in an affordable manner.

You also have the option of mixing and matching options within various packages.

Our recommendation

Integration is complicated, and much thought must be given before you finally decide on the solution and the strategy.

We at Renew HR do not attempt to fit a specific solution or approach at each client place but indicate what could be a better match for your organization after a proper due diligence through our “HR Health Check.”

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