Our HR Transformation Methodology - bring people, process and technology together

To achieve the desired goals and ROI in SuccessFactors implementation projects, organizations must consider their projects as HR transformation projects, involving people, process, and technology.

When an organization is experiencing a transformational journey, it faces various challenges and obstacles in its path. From our experience, we have gathered that a structured process in the form of a methodology gives a clearer picture of the organization. You learn about what to expect, when to expect, and all the results possible.

We at Renew HR have created an HR transformation methodology that takes the customer through a series of result-driven steps.   It is a robust methodology, uniquely designed pertaining to the specifics of SuccessFactors solutions.

Our HR transformation methodology prepares the organization for all future changes.

Our HR Transformation Methodology

The underlying strategy behind our HR transformation methodology is not to recreate something that is working well but to bring in all the components together so that the customer gets a holistic picture. This enables the customer to transform the whole or a part of the HR processesand services being implemented.

Our HR transformation methodology for SuccessFactors (see image) has the flexibility to span large-scale, organization-wide transformation (including implementation pre-planning, SuccessFactors implementation, change management and post-implementation support) projects and smaller projects that implement individual modules.

HR Transformation Methodology
HR Transformation Methodology

Various Components Of Our HR Transformation Methodology

Every organization and its business requirements are different. So, it is not necessary that all of the elements of our HR transformation methodology mentioned here (see image) would apply to all the organizations in the same manner.

To what extent various elements of the HR transformation methodology will apply to an organization will depend upon the fact that which stage of the organizational evolution it is undergoing.

One facet that we would always emphasize for a majority of the organizations would be to conduct a Design Thinking workshop before you decide what you want to do as a part of your implementation.

We also stress on the fact that if you are planning to replace “HRIS,” then you must give considerable thought to the Implementation Pre-Planning actions. That alone can save you a lot of effort and time throughout the actual implementation.

SAP Activate Methodology

The SAP Activate implementation methodology consists of a set of tools, templates, and processes to support

our customers and consultants. The methodology is flexible enough to accommodate all SAP SuccessFactors modules

and project complexity ranging from a small pilot all the way up to a large complex transformation. Throughout the

implementation, there are key milestone reviews where customer acceptance is required before moving on to the next phase in the implementation process.

HR Transformation -Activate Methodology v1.0

We have primarily kept the SAP SuccessFactors Activate Methodology untouched for the SuccessFactors implementation. The main reason is simple. It is a superbly-designed, agile, and most of the consultants already have a strong background in this method.

We have incorporated “change management” processes inside the Activate Methodology for the seamless execution of the project.

Renew HR’s consulting practice can aid your business in tackling these problems with the right mix of instructional delivery, access to content, secure recordkeeping, skill, and knowledge road-mapping.

Let us discuss how an Integrated HR Transformation Methodology will help you in your SuccessFactors Implementation