Discover how Odyssey Charter School transformed their Performance Appraisal process with SAP SuccessFactors PMGM solution.

The Mission of Odyssey Charter School is to prepare students for a lifelong enthusiasm for learning, develop a keen awareness of world citizenship and culture and establish critical thinking and problem-solving proficiency through the added learning of the Modern Greek language and Mathematics focus.

Odyssey Charter School Increased Completed Evaluation With The Implementation Of SAP SuccessFactors Performance And Goal Management (PMGM)


  • Improve insight into individual progress and status
  • Track the completion of performance evaluations by area in a timely manner
  • Extract timely and accurate summaries and individual information from evaluations

Why SAP® SuccessFactors® solutions

  • Interface that is intuitive and user-friendly, minimizing training time and encouraging employee adoption
  • Modern design and intuitive look and feel
  • Cloud-based solutions that enable mobile access for managers and employees
  • All key information needed by employees and managers visible at a glance
  • Reporting with the SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals solution to identify high-potential talent


  • OCS increases the ability to track the progress of evaluation with SAP SuccessFactors
  • Gained insight into the employee evaluation process by the summary and organizational area
  • Built individualized forms for different areas and employee criteria
  • Achieved dramatic improvement in compliance through a more streamlined process
  • Enabled administrators and managers to make faster, better decisions through better access to data