Recruiting Innovation by MintMesh

Economic Trend and Employment situation

If there was ever a true war for talent, then we are only experiencing it right now across the sectors. US economy rebounded sharply in the year 2014 as a result of robust economic expansion.

The first growth was primarily fueled by business investment, especially in the manufacturing industry. This was paired with increased consumer spending and a recovering housing market.

If one goes by the predictions of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment projection is looking positive for the next several years.

Changing Face of Recruiting Industry

The prevailing industrial and economic scenario is forcing the majority of the recruiting departments to engage and convert passive candidates.

It would be safe to say that the recruitment function has undergone more changes in the past ten years than in the previous five decades.

One cursory look at the HR Tech world would make it abundantly clear that half of the brand-new innovations in HR has some recruitment element within it.

Additionally, it is true that Recruiting probably is the only function that’s actively using all of the newer innovations in technology such as Big Data analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, AI, etc.

Our Approach

We (MintMesh in partnership with Renew HR) recognized that to succeed in this overcrowded recruiting technology space we need to build a holistic recruiting experience for our users.

That’s where the recruiting innovation lineup of products by MintMesh was created.

Our Analytics-driven, AI-based strategy takes help of the latest development in technology but builds that human touch that is so much missing in the recruiting space with the debut of bots, robots, etc.

Our product is built in the cloud but is very much rooted in its founding principle of strong engagement and relationship between the candidate and the employer.

Our Recruiting Innovation lineup of products starts much before a conventional ATS (reactive), in the form of “Identify” phase and then moves on to nurturing the candidates through targeted campaigning based on candidate “Engagement”.

This is where the Talent communities are built, and you delegate your business users (not recruiters) the role of Community Managers who are in continuous connection with the candidates on an ongoing basis.

Moreover, finally, we match the job requisition created by the traditional ATS systems with candidates through our AI-driven Screening automation tool.

Nirvana – HR Analytics

In every phase of the lifecycle of the hiring process, we use insight driven Analytics which is created for each specific client needs.

Our predictive and forecasting module helps customers to prepare for things to come and use the insights to boost their candidate relationship management function within the company.

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