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The Changing Face of HR

As organizations and companies are evolving and trying to ride the technological inventions wave the next workplace challenges will continue to alter HR as a function and HR Professionals generally. The ever-changing technology and data (e.g., digital HR) have a direct effect on human resource professionals not like before. They realise that this tendency isn’t a passing trend but a fact which is here to remain.

Though HR is slow in responding to the changes around us, it’s aware that the key competencies driving business results today are dependent on how an organisation knows and uses integrated talent management, workforce planning and its relationship with social networking and total HR technology.

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Digital HR – The Role of Change Management

There is a lot which is changing around us and at a significantly faster rate than previously. The technological innovation in the HR field during the last five years has overshadowed the cumulative changes that have occurred in the past 25 years.

At the center of technological adaptation and automation is the desired business outcome. The organizations that are successful will understand their business needs (varies by type of business and industry) for a technology solution and adapt/automate what is essential for them to be competitive in a workplace.

Technology adaptation by line supervisors determines the success or failure of an organizations ability to adopt the technology innovation/automation. A number of these challenges come down to the efficient utilization of change management where communication plays a major role in leveraging the digital space.

For an organization to move into digital space easily, emphasis should be laid on leadership and management training to ensure line managers can effectively communicate expectations and outcomes.

Big Data and HR Analytics

Digital HR and automation, if not economically planned creates a plethora of data that is scattered across multiple systems and in diverse formats which could make it difficult for many organizations to offer a clear picture of the current workforce.

The path to insight and information from the trillions of data created daily by Core HR, Talent Management and other societal integration sites is complex and should be carefully considered before one embarks on this journey.

The improvements in in-memory computing, large data systems and HR Analytics (predictive or prescriptive as the case might be or an embedded or otherwise) help organizations to use the data to produce efficient, accurate and fact-based business decisions.


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