HR Advisory Services

Our HR Advisory practice focuses on enhancing Human Capital value in client organizations by understanding and addressing client’s DNA and specific business needs. We offer “HR Health check” to find out what is working well for your Organization and what can be improved by designing and implementing relevant HR practices and solutions. The business is continuously evolving and so are our client HR organizations, we offer “HR Roadmap” to provide our client with the ability to manage strategic, operational, technical, and compliance related risk to increase enterprise value.

Our Advisory practice not only designs the solution but also provides implementation expertise for all engagements.

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Design Thinking

Design Thinking as a concept can be used for practically any problem-solving situation. Traditionally, it has been used extensively in ERP based projects for user experience.

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Digital HR

As organizations and companies are evolving and trying to ride the technological inventions wave the next workplace challenges will continue to alter HR as a function and HR Professionals generally.


Process Standardization

Business processes have an interesting relationship with software. Much before ERP software’s like SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle etc.

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HR Health Check and Roadmap

Human Resources (HR) is in the middle of this global revolution—involving acquiring, retaining, developing and deploying talent required to accomplish business goals of the organization.

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Organizational Change Management

Research studies indicate that 70 percent of IT implementations fail, and cloud migration assessments suggest that overcoming an organization’s cultural barriers is a frequent challenge.

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