SHARP Support-In- A-Box, SAP-qualified partner-package

Support challenges in a SuccessFactors Implementation


To achieve the real value of SuccessFactors is to take advantage of the continuous innovation that the product offers through multiple upgrades (i.e., 4 Quarterly releases in a year). Now that brings in its own challenges of maintaining the system post go live. You need to not only maintain what you have already implemented but also explore the possibilities of implementing the new features and functionalities coming out of new releases applicable to your organization.

The challenge here is to not disrupt what is already implemented and quickly analyze and implement the new features and functionalities as released in each quarterly releases. It’s also likely that your business will grow, there would be acquisition and mergers and your integrations and configurations will need to change with you.

Our approach to SuccessFactors Support

Just like in our SHARP SuccessFactors Package, SAP Qualified partner package, we have applied the concept of “Design Thinking” to our support services as well and have come up with a simple, easy to understand and minimalistic approach suitably named “SHARP Support-In- A-Box”.

We have observed that unlike the traditional approaches where you create a FTE (Full time equivalent) based model to support, we have created “bucket of hours” based approach where we articulate what exactly is included in the bucket of hours that you are purchasing from us.

This includes SuccessFactors module expertise involved in delivering the services (based on what you choose from our support service models) you only pay for what is relevant to you and you know that upfront.

We have also differentiated between pure support tasks, mini projects/upgrades and larger projects (i.e., adding additional features and functionalities). You also get updates about your support tickets online to understand how we are performing based on the agreed upon SLAs.

Various Options under our “SHARP Support-In- A-Box” Structure

Renew HR offers a broad spectrum of SuccessFactors application support services from advisory to maintenance and enhancements that help you manage new features and functionality. Our different levels of SuccessFactors product support ensures that your SuccessFactors investment stays in alignment with your business objectives. It is important to note here the fact that we have created our services to co-exist with whichever level of support you have purchased from SAP

  •  Maintenance and Support Hours – Can be divided into Monthly or Quarterly hours depending on SLA
  • Expiration Rule for Maintenance and Support – Depends on SLA
  • We apply a discount of 33% on our Hourly rate for Existing Customers.

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