We are born from the cloud, so We are devoid of all the challenges associated with companies moving from ERP consulting Into the cloud consulting. Renew HR Together with its Partners SuccessFactors, MintMesh and SafeGuard World International (SGWI) and many others are equipped to scale, change, and evolve with your organization to meet the unique needs of your industries and your business. Our Nirvana – HR Analytics can go deep into the root cause of your problem and indicate action plans to resolve them.

renewhr financials

Financial Services

Increasing regulatory requirements and sophistication around them post 2008 crisis forced many financial services companies to rethink their business strategies.

Utilities Industries - Smoke coming out of industries


Fascinatingly, Utilities industry that was monopolised by some conventional businesses is giving away to a newer set of organisations.


Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry is most likely facing their most significant challenge in quite a long time. The sharp fall in global oil prices from $ 100 per barrel in 2014 to $ 30 per barrel in 2016 is placing enormous pressure on the top and bottom line growth in the business.



The Pharmaceutical industry has seen more action in the recent years than ever. The discovery of new diseases more frequently than ever has set the industry on the warpath to find a cure for all these ailments.

renewhr retail


Retail grocery stores and supermarkets contribute the most significant share of food sales in the USA. The nation spends around $50 B each month on groceries, but margins are traditionally low, around 1%.

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